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The Basics

2 Bdrm 3 Bdrm 4 Bdrm
Male Female
Under 21 21 or Older
Yes Socially No
Yes Socially No
Grade Level
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Grad Other

Study Habits
Quiet Late Early Library
With Music Study Group

Describe Yourself

Neat 1 2 3 4 Messy

I am:
Outgoing (enjoy having people over whenever)
Moderate (have people over, but need quiet time)
Private (prefer to not have many people over)

I am willing to share small items: (cd's, dishes, food, etc.)
Yes No Depends

I need to be left alone without intrusions:
Never 1 2 3 4 5 Always

I am a:
Morning person (Early to bed, early to rise)
Afternoon person (I usually roll out of bed at 2pm)
Evening person (I am the ultimate "night owl")

I swear:
Rarely, and it's only when I stub my toe
Occasionally, including when my team is losing
I would give a sailor a run for his money

Other Important Information:

About Me

When I have a concern I:
The best way to handle paying joint bills is:
I think overnight guests are:
My significant other visits (how often):
A good roommate for me is:
A bad roommate for me is:
The best way to share apartment cleaning duties is:
My "must-have" fast food restaurant is:
It's OK to contact me thru Facebook:
Yes No

I prefer to live with

Male Female Co-Ed
Under 21 21 or Older Don't Care
Yes No Socially Don't Care
Yes No Socially Don't Care
Yes No Don't Care

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